Heat With Wind Air Conditioner Guidelines

Heat With Wind Air Conditioner Guidelines

Recently a Twitter storm erupted over new Federal air conditioning guidelines.  Seems like the Federal Government is clueless about the subject.  Consumer Reports chimed in.  Unfortunately, they also are clueless.  Fortunately, Heat With Wind gets it right.

Most people in the air conditioning business realize that air conditioners are more efficient when the outside air temperature is cooler.  Air conditioners are more efficient when the outside temperature is 80 degrees outside as opposed to when the temperature is 95 outside. It is better to drive down the temperature in your house at night because it is cooler outside at night than during the day.

Utility industry experts realize that energy use during peak hours is not only more expensive, it is worse for the environment.  It is better to drive down the temperature in your house at night, especially around 1 AM, when the price is lower and the grid is not stressed.

Home energy experts realize that dehumidifiers, what all those people with open windows are uselessly using all summer when their windows are open, are not necessary when the homeowner uses a properly sized air conditioner.  It is better to use a properly sized air conditioner every day and never open your windows than to use a dehumidifier.

Also, if you keep the shades down on the sunny days, your house does not heat up as much during the day, making pre-cooling work better.  You will keep more comfortable if you don’t let the heat in in the first place, and you are not using heat generating appliances, like dehumidifiers, during the day.

The Heat With Wind guideline is as follows:

To keep the humidity level in your house low, in order to eliminate the need for a dehumidifier, we recommend to never open your windows during the summer.  Instead, use the air conditioner every day.  Air conditioners dehumidify the house eliminating the need for dehumidifiers.

Next, we recommend that energy conservation measures are taken to minimize the heat gain of your home during the summer.  This can be done by upgrading your appliances to the most efficient available, using sun blocking shades (black outs) and planting sun blocking trees and shrubs.  Sun blocking windows are not recommended in cold climates.  And never, ever, ever use a dehumidifier.

Next we recommend driving your house temperature down to 70 degrees at night then shutting the air conditioner off from about 11 am to 7 pm.  Because you pre-cooled, your house will remain comfortable the whole day.

This strategy is the lowest cost strategy and it is the best for the environment.  It is also the most comfortable strategy.  Plus, because the humidity level in your house will be on average much lower than any other strategy, there will be less mold in your house-your house will not stink and you will be healthier.

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